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About Indian cosmic Girl's Services:

I have vast knowledge of Vedic astrology and in area of specialization is BUSINESS, CAREER, FINANCE, MARRIAGE, LOVE LIFE & RELATION.

My spirit guides help me to look into future of my clients. I am also a skilled clairvoyant and expert in tarot. I am here to provide high quality guidance in the matters love and all types of relationships. The very first thing I do is to make you aware of the current situation without making any type of judgement. I start taking the help of my guide as soon as you connect with me via chat. Having one reading will give you confidence to come to me repeatedly to have a psychic or relationship reading on the subject of your choice. I am going to be honest at all the levels of reading and will not care what you will feel on hearing the truth ( after all you are paying me for that) I connect with the energies of the person about whom you going to ask about so that I may be able to provide as much as details as possible including of time frames. My main target will be to provide instant direct and clear answers to all your questions. I can reach into his/her energy to pick up what they are feeling & thinking about you. I provide detailed predictions, Times frames & Dates. Get direct answer's to all your burning questions. Be prepared to listen to truth before connecting with me.

Experience & Qualifications

I was born as psychic. I have been practicing doing psychic reading since more that 10 years from now.


Remote Viewing Masters Degree in Astrological Predictions Alchemy

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